Insider: De Bethune DW5 Dream Watch 5 Meteorite. Hands-on with an Intergalactic Meteorite Timepiece.

Originally launched in 2014 with a grade 5 titanium case, the latest iteration of the De Bethune DW5 Dream Watch 5 features a tourbillon and a full meteorite case from 'Campo del Cielo' in Argentina. 'Campo del Cielo' is an area located about 620 miles —1,000 kilometers— northwest of Buenos Aires, that holds the largest number of iron meteorite fragments in the world and is also the site where the two largest meteorites ever recovered on earth where found—100 tons and 37 tons respectively. The De Bethune DW5 Dream Watch 5 Meteorite is definitely a strange looking timepiece that looks more like an intergalactic spaceship than a watch. In creating this model, David Zanetta and Denis Flageollet escaped the confines of conventional scales and proportions. They imagined a wrist-size sculpture and reduced it to the stature of a precious stone. Its meteorite case, is a true chameleon that depending on lighting conditions it will go all the way from a blueish-greenish hue to a purplish dark blue hue.

The full meteorite case was carved out from a large meteorite fragment and shaped like a domed delta curve measuring 49 mm in width, 39 mm in length and 11 mm in thickness. Fitted with a domed sapphire crystal and a one-carat cabochon cut ruby, the De Bethune DW5 Dream Watch 5 Meteorite features a very unique way of telling time with two discs —one with jumping hours and the other with rotating minutes— and a spherical moon phase indicator.

Just as if all of the above weren't impressive enough, this time, the De Bethune DW5 gets even better as it is now also equipped with a tourbillon that is visible via a small aperture on the case back. This watch is without a doubt, the most unique looking timepiece we've ever reviewed. Resembling the shape of a fossil or a scarab, its color, oxidation and shimmer, evoke prehistorical times and an intrinsic ruggedness we've never seen in any other watch, especially on a piece of 'haute horlogerie'.

The De Bethune DW5 Dream Watch 5 Meteorite is powered by a modified calibre based off of the manual wound De Bethune calibre DB2144 this time with tourbillon. The movement is composed by no less than 330 parts, 32 jewels and provides a power reserve of up to five days. The movement includes a spherical moon phase indicator that is accurate to a degree of one lunar day every 1,112 years.

On the wrist, this is for sure the most unique watch we've ever worn and one that will leave everyone in awe. The watch is fitted with a distressed brown alligator leather strap that is equipped with a matching meteorite pin buckle. The strap, perfectly pairs with the unique construction of the watch.

From an horological standpoint this is a masterpiece, but from a concept and design standpoint this is one of the most impressive objects we've ever had the pleasure to peruse. The work behind creating the sharp angles and curved bevels on this case out of a meteorite fragment, is almost unfathomable. This is definitely a watch with a price tag that is completely justified based on its rarity and exclusiveness.

Sticker Price CHF450,000 —approximately 467,000 USD. For more info on De Bethune click here.