Insider: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ref. 25770ST. The Predecessor to the 'End of Days' Limited Edition.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ref. 25770ST.OO.0001.KE.01 is another one of those discontinued Audemars Piguet references that is worth talking about and spending a whole afternoon reviewing and photographing.

This amazing reference, was launched in 1997 as a predecessor to the Royal Oak Offshore 'End of Days' Limited Edition ref. 25770SN.OO.0001.KE.01 launched in the year 1999. The 'End of Days', is the first limited edition Royal Oak Offshore ever launched and released in a limited run of 500 pieces —the product of a collaboration between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Audemars Piguet while he was shooting the blockbuster movie 'End of Days'. The legendary 'End of Days' a.k.a EOD is one of the first PVD watches ever made and fitted with a charcoal Kevlar aramid fiber strap and a second interchangeable black leather strap.

As a side note, it is important to mention that there is also another very rare 'End of Days' watch bearing ref. 25770SN.OO.0001.AR.01 and of which only four pieces were ever produced —the same four pieces that Arnold Schwarzenegger wore while shooting the movie. Additionally, one unique piece was also produced bearing ref. 25770SN.OO.0050.AR.01 and this particular watch was fitted with a yellow Kevlar aramid fiber strap instead of a charcoal one.  

The main difference between the Royal Oak Offshore ref. 25770ST.OO.0001KE.01 and the 'End of Days',  is the non-PVD stainless steel case with the same shape and cut-out ends and the blue dial with a very similar configuration with blue 'petite tapisserie' center and smooth concentric circle with Arabic numerals and gray chrono registers. The case also measures 42mm in diameter and the watch is fitted with the same charcoal Kevlar strap. 

The strap on this watch is one of the most unique and distinctive straps in the market and it's also the unmistakeable touch that will help watchlifestylers spot this discontinued reference in the wild. While the Kevlar strap seems quite rugged and somewhat rough to the touch, it is extremely comfortable and one of our favorite things on this timepiece. It is really the most comfortable strap of all Audemars Piguet watches —fitted with a strap— that we've worn.

This unique Kevlar strap is a double-fastening strap made of different materials including Kevlar, seat belt like nylon, velcro and leather. The strap features two layers that are individually fastened when putting the watch on. The first layer —inner part in contact with the wrist— is made of a seat belt like nylon and lined with leather righ where the strap meets the case back of the watch. This layer comes with a velcro fastener that the wearer should first secure before fastening the second outer part of the strap. The outer part of the strap is made of Kevlar and features a small pin-buckle with an AP engraving on it. 

The dial has the same hue of blue as the dial on the first Royal Oak Offshore that we reviewed here. The Arabic numerals are somewhat greenish in person —pictures make them appear more white— due to the luminous material on them. The luminescent material used on this dial, is brighter than that used on other Audemars Piguet dials —the hands and numerals glow nice and bright even when exposed to the slightest darkness while driving through a tunnel or an underpass.

The chrono registers are gray with black numerals and black hands. The chrono seconds hand is white and provides the perfect contrast along with the thin white outline on the numerals on the dial. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ref. 25770ST a.k.a. the 'Other End of Days' is powered with the AP calibre 2226/2840 —the same calibre fitted in the first Royal Oak Offshore and most Offshores until the release of the calibre 2326/2840 several years ago— with a power-reserve of approximately 48 hours.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Royal Oak in 1997, a limited number of Royal Oak Offshores with the same type of case as this reference, were sold on colorful leather straps matching their dials in orange, apple green, mint green, yellow and red.

This amazing reference is one of the most comfortable Royal Oak Offshores we have ever worn and a watch that calls for attention wherever you are wearing it. Its unique look and wrist presence are unparalleled, and for those watchlifestylers that are in the know, running into one of this watches is an extraordinary event and an unforgettable experience.

If you consider yourself a true Audemars Piguet collector, this is a reference that is a must have in your collection.

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