News: Introducing the new HYT SOONOW. A Total of 313 Gold Pins Make the Skull on its Dial.

There are moments when we want now to last forever. At other times, soon can’t come fast enough. The new HYT SOONOW has the answer. Its intriguing and captivating presentation of time’s flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. Because these moments are what add together. “Now or never” is so yesterday. HYT defines the present as an energizing cliffhanger, never as a precariously suspended moment of gratification or information on demand. The meaning of time is the content we give it, every single step of the way. The new HYT SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of the now as a mobile pivotal point between the path traveled so far, and what could potentially lie ahead. Immediacy becomes an open door. The past empowers the present; then they build the future together.

The new HYT SOONOW is available in two editions, one in black DLC stainless steel with green fluid and the other in satin-brushed stainless steel with blue fluid. On its dial, a meticulous multi-dimensional depiction of the human skull inspired by Aztec artifacts is contoured by the fluidic capillary.

No less than 313 18K white or yellow gold pins make up the skull on the titanium dial of a green fluid or a blue fluid watch. For the whole dial, close to 1,000 tiny holes were carefully perforated and then 313 set by a gem-setter. The HYT SOONOW. Precision drilling was also required to make sure that the exact center of each word from six to twelve would meet a precisely set pin in order to facilitate on-the-dot timing accuracy. The skull-shaped capillary, with its handcrafted bends and angles, represents an endless, rewarding quest for technical innovation. Hourly milestones appear to float above its outline. The skull’s facial expressions give their all to keep life’s transience front of mind. A pupil mirroring the power reserve level peers out from a disc sitting behind one eye socket. The other eye focuses on the passing of the watch’s briefest recorded unit, completing a full rotation in 60 seconds. Here the words “SOON” and “NOW” remind us that time is precious in a way that no iris could.

Cased in the same case as the HYT H0, the watches are available in two 25-piece limited editions. The just released SOONOW watches by HYT make sense of time by allowing its flow to flourish. Only thoughts and actions separate now from soon.

Sticker Price $75,000 USD. For more info on HYT click here.