Experience: Hermès Pavage Watch Box. There are Watch Boxes and Then There's this One.

When it comes to watch boxes, the options are infinite. From leather, to fabric, to wood, watch boxes come in all sorts of shapes and forms. And just like some watch boxes are meant to be taken around the world as you travel with your precious possessions, other watch boxes are meant to simply stay at home and be that one statement décor piece that you lust after day after day. Just like we like to say that there are watches and then there are certain watches, the same goes to watch boxes. There are watch boxes and then there’s the Hermès Pavage watch box for ten watches.

The Hermès Pavage Watch Box is made of ultra premium sycamore —a species of Maple native to central Europe and Southwestern Asia— marquetry wood and its interior is lined with a tan color super soft goatskin. Its design, totally geometrical and modern was taken from a tie design by Philippe Mouquet with strongly contrasting graphics in a geometric pattern with coral red, brown, grey and beige.

This exquisite box has capacity for ten watches and the size of the compartments allows for even 44 mm AP Royal Oak Offshores to fit in there without any issues. In the center of the box, there is a small removable tray —approximately 4.5 inches by 3 inches— that reveals a small storage for cufflinks or other small items underneath it. This square box measures 12” long x 4 “ tall x 12” wide and is exceptionally made just like everything that comes out of those bright orange boxes from our friends at Hermès.

A great looking box that would bring your home décor and watch game a step further. The box comes with a handy lock to keep your watches out of the hands of unwanted hands. For the price, one of the nicest and classiest watch boxes out there. Almost as exquisite as an Elie Bleu Humidor.

Sticker Price £7,000 —approximately $8,900 USD. For more info on Hermès click here.