Experience: Fauré Le Page Messenger Bag. A Fantastic Bag from the Oldest French Luxury 'Maroquinier'.

Established 38 years earlier than Vacheron Constantin —which happens to be the oldest watch manufacture in the world founded in 1755 with over 260 years of uninterrupted history—, Fauré Le Page is today the oldest French luxury 'maroquinier' —leather goods company— in the world as it was established in 1717, more than a century before Goyard and Louis Vuitton. Much like a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time that is reserved for those that know, Fauré Le Page would be the equivalent when it comes to luxury leather goods. What started as a family business dedicated to provide the French royalty with weapons during the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI, is now a very understated ultra high quality leather goods brand.

Renowned for creating Napoleon's vermeil saber and Louis XVI's hunting pieces, Fauré Le Page evolved in becoming a provider of hand-painted leather holsters and gun bags for the same firearms and weapons their VIP clients were buying from them. Revived at the end of 2012, Fauré Le Page is exclusively sold in Paris —flagship 21 Rue Cambon and shop-in-shop at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann— and Japan —Hankyu Umeda in Osaka and a brand new Tokyo boutique in Ginza.

Fully handmade in Paris at their atelier, the Fauré Le Page Messenger Bag is one of the latest creations from this exclusive Parisian leather goods maker. Measuring fourteen inches long by ten inches tall and three inches wide, this messenger bag is perfectly suited for your daily commute. With a somewhat structured body and in a combination of hand painted leather and full grain leather, the bag features a black fabric strap that is long enough to carry the bag as a crossbody bag.

Incredibly roomy, the Fauré Le Page Messenger Bag can take all sorts of items as its depth is perfectly suited to even fit the body of a DSLR camera and even up to three laptops. Lined with an elegant black canvas with yellow accents, the bag features two sleeve opened compartments and one zippered compartment that can accommodate letter size documents, opposite to this compartment, there is a ring to hold your keys in place. While we love the bag and how much we are able to carry in it, the biggest downside to it is that the bag can be easily accessed by others as it lacks of a lock or locking device.

The black strap combines leather accents with a nice cotton fabric like that utilized by Louis Vuitton on their bags and is fastened with Fauré Le Page rivets that were designed to look like the bottom part of bullet casings in order to bring some charm from their past as weapon makers for the French Royal Court.

Additionally, there is a leather strap —about 0.75" wide— that is utilized to secure the bag flap in place. This strap can be removed and replaced with another more colorful one separately sold by Fauré Le Page.

A perfect bag to carry all your necessities while you travel around the world with that Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time on your wrist. Next time you run into someone with a Fauré Le Page bag or any other small goods, make sure you strike up a conversation as it is very likely that something interesting will be on their wrist.

Sticker Price $2,200 USD —approximate price based on currency exchange. For more info on Fauré Le Page click here.