Experience: Vilebrequin Mistral Limited Edition Swimwear. Perfect Match to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

Watchlifestylers, get ready to experience the fanciest Vilebrequins out there. The Mistral Limited Edition is the latest exclusive swimwear line by Vilebrequin. This line features embroidered patterns in the same style and fit as the Moorea. On this post we are featuring the embroidered turtles and the embroidered starfish designs along with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15300ST with a perfectly matching blue 'grande tapisserie' dial.

The Mistral collection not only features very intricate embroidery but also sterling silver Vilebrequin aglets at the end of the tying cords and a rear pocket with a turtle snap closure instead of the traditional velcro. Additionally, this line comes in a numbered series.

While the fabric on the Mistral is 100% polyamide —just like on all other Vilebrequins—, it seems softer to the touch and almost looks like combed cotton in terms of texture. The sterling silver aglets are heavier than the traditional zamak ones and are a very exclusive finishing touch to the classic gray braided tying cords. The aglets are marked .925 on the back attesting to the true composition of its material. The snap closure on the rear pocket features the iconic Vilebrequin turtle. It's a very high quality snap closure, unlike what you'll find on other brands. These details justify why these trunks cost as much as they do.

Just as with other Vilebrequins, the attention to detail is remarkable. All it takes is for one to closely inspect the embroidery to understand why watchlifestylers like this brand so much. The stitching on the embroidered pattern is done with a very fine thread and executed perfectly.

The Vilebrequin Mistral come in a wide variety of colors and designs including the turtles and starfish featured here, zebras, elephants, urchins and sea lions. As mentioned before, these are only available as a limited edition and they all come individually numbered. The reference numbers for the ones in this post are the Mistral Embroidered Starfish Color MIS-13H-208 and Mistral Embroidered Turtles Color MIS-13H-322.

For those watchlifestylers in the northern hemisphere that are still enjoying what's left of the summer or in the midst of planning their upcoming fall and winter beach getaways, this is the perfect time to add a few pairs of these amazing Vilebrequins before they are all gone.

Sticker Price $650-$740 USD. For more info on Vilebrequin click here.