Experience: Rolex Baselworld Chocolates. A Highly Coveted Triplock Crown Sweet Treat.

It’s been a while since we last posted those special watch goodies that as watch collectors we all love. A now long tradition at Rolex during Baselworld is to give out to their VIPs and special friends from the press, a box of their highly coveted signature Rolex crown chocolates. A special sweet treat in the form of a Rolex triplock crown filled with four different flavors. These sixteen chocolates are looking to please the most demanding palates combining milk and dark chocolate as well as coffee and hazelnut flavors.

And when you get a box of these delicious and exceptional chocolates, there’s no better watch to pair them with than with the chocolatey GMT Master II Everose ‘Rootbeer’ with its warm tones and milk chocolate colored segment on its 24-hour bezel. Made in Switzerland like their watches, the elaborate winding crown-shaped chocolates come from Martel Chocolatier based out of Geneva where Rolex is also located. Martel, much like Rolex is a brand with long-standing tradition and savoir-faire that was founded two centuries ago in 1818.

A sweet treat shaped like that very same triplock crown on the GMT Master II Rootbeer. Because life is as sweet as a bite of the finest Swiss chocolate and time as precious as a Rolex timepiece in Everose gold, never waste either one of them with those that don’t value or respect either.

Sticker Price for GMT Master II Everose $36,750 USD —chocolates not included and not for sale. For more info on Rolex click here.