Experience: Puerto Madero. A Great Argentinean Restaurant in Mexico.

We are suckers for Argentinean steakhouses and we know a lot about them. We are lucky to have been to some of the best ones in Buenos Aires, New York City and Mexico City. This time we stopped by 'Puerto Madero', a relatively newer place —considering the decades that others have been around in Mexico City— that was launched as a fierce competitor to other very popular Argentinean steakhouse names like 'El Rincón Argentino' and 'Cambalache'. 'El Rincón Argentino' was opened in the 80s by Juan Carlos Malazzo, a former soccer player for the Argentinean team River Plate a.k.a. 'Los Millonarios de River' —the millionaires from River. 'Cambalache' was partially owned by the now deceased Argentinean actor and wrestler Wolf Ruvinskis.

'Puerto Madero' opened its first location in the upscale Mexico City neighborhood of 'Polanco' on 'Presidente Mazaryk' Avenue —the equivalent to Madison Ave. in NYC, Orchard Street in Singapore or Bond Street in London— and after a successful launch, made its way to other areas and cities throughout Mexico and now it even has a location in Miami, Florida under the PM name. It's name was taken from the popular 'Puerto Madero' waterfront in the city of Buenos Aires right on the banks of the 'Río de la Plata' river. The 'Puerto Madero' waterfront is one of the best examples of the latest architectural trends in the capital city of Argentina.

This time we decided to have lunch at the one located in Cancun, Quintana Roo. The 'Puerto Madero' is one of the preferred places for watchlifestylers enjoying the good life. During our lunch, we spotted a great selection of watches that included several Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, Offshores, a few Hublots and a handful of Rolexes.

As we walked into the restaurant ,we were greeted by the grilling rooms and one of the best stocked bars in the city. The grills are really amazing as the cooking grids are suspended in the air and held by chains fitted with a mechanism that allows the grill masters to lift or lower the meats as desired depending on the cooking temperature that is required.

Once we got to our table, we noticed the beautiful design touches on the perfectly white chairs where the backrests feature the names of the most important family owned wineries in Argentina.

After sitting down, we ordered a few beers, appetizers and wine. The selection included an amazing Octopus Carpaccio, a 'Provoleta' —grilled provolone cheese with olive oil and herbs— and a few 'Empanadas Argentinas' —Argentinean style turnovers filled with meat.   Immediately thereafter, we started talking about watches and the good life.

Along with our appetizers, a bottle of delicious Argentinean 'Saurus Select 2009' arrived to our table. 'Saurus Select' is a Malbec wine produced and bottled in the province of Neuquen in the Patagonia region of Argentina by the renowned Bodega Familia Schroeder. An oaky, full-bodied wine that is a perfect pairing for Argentinean steaks.   

While we talked about the latest watches presented at Baselworld 2013 and each of our wish lists, we decided to order the main course. Of course, we ordered one of the most popular Argentinean steaks, 'Bife de Chorizo' —an over-sized New York Strip. Along with it, the traditional 'Papas Souffle' —souffle fries— that are a staple at this place. These fries are fried at different temperatures making them extra crunchy on the outside but soft and full of air as a 'souffle' on the inside—a culinary work of art. The basket in which they are served is also made of fried potatoes and fully edible.

As we finished our meal, we decided to move out to the gorgeous terrace overlooking the 'Nichupte' lagoon to enjoy our dessert, cigars and Port. For dessert, a delicious cheese blintze topped with berries and a house made 'Alfajor' with tons of 'Dulce de Leche'. This time, we smoked Sir Winston Churchill's favorite brand, Romeo y Julieta straight from Habana, Cuba. 

As we finished our desserts, sipped our Ports and smoked our cigars, another story of the good life came to an end. Another day in the life of watchlifestylers.

Health, watches, amazing food, fantastic wines and the best Habanos. The only other thing we could ask for in this life is to live a long existence. Watchlifestylers remember, this moment is your life. 

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