Experience: Omega Soirée in Miami's Design District. In Preparation for the Upcoming Boutique Opening.

This past Wednesday December 10th, 2014 we had the pleasure to join our friends at Omega for a very special celebration in lieu of the upcoming opening of its Miami Design District boutique. The Miami Design District and its Aranda/Lasch-Designed space is soon to be the mecca of watch boutiques in the Miami area. This wonderful evening with a red carpet soirée that drew stars and socialites including actress Camilla Belle, along with nearly 400 of Miami's influentials was hosted by Omega's Vice President and Head of International Sales, Raynald Aeschlimann. This tasteful and elegant celebration had its main focus on paying homage to Omega's Master Co-Axial technology —the world’s first industrialized anti-magnetic movements with all non-ferrous components that are more prevalent across a wide variety of Omega timepieces. For sure, an evening filled with delicious hors d'oeuvre, Omega signature cocktails, celebrities, beautiful women and stunning timepieces. As usual, our drink of choice for the evening was our usual Negroni.

Staged inside the nearly 5,000 sq.ft. Aranda/Lasch-designed venue located near the soon-to-open Omega Boutique, the evening presented interactive and decorative elements that demonstrated the relevance of Omega's new technology, including choreographed magnetic dust projections; levitating watch displays; magnetic fluid sculptures; and a watchmaking photo booth. Without a doubt, Camilla Belle was one of the highlights of the night and not even with her magnetic beauty she was able to magnetize the Master Co-Axial anti-magnetic calibres. Below we see her arriving and then enjoying the displays while sporting her Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial in 18K red gold with white mother-of-pearl dial and diamonds bezel.

This wonderful evening was definitely one that we wouldn't want to miss as Omega prepares for the grand opening of its Design District Boutique in mid-December as the second Miami outpost for the brand and one more amongst the 31 boutiques that the brand operates in the U.S. During this elegant soirée filled with fascinating displays showcasing Omega's anti-magnetic technology expertise, we mingled among the Miami elite, some of Omega's VIP collectors and even along with the newly created team that will be lead by Melissa Hidrobo —Omega Boutique Manager Miami Design District— at the soon-to-open Omega boutique. This was for sure an evening filled with glamour, inviting low light, wonderful music and beautiful watchlifestylers.

As the evening flew by and one thing lead to another, we also enjoyed a very special setup nested inside of an elevator —a scene reserved for a James Bond movie— with one of Omega's master watchmakers explaining the anti-magnetic properties of the newly developed Master Co-Axial calibres while wearing his unmistakeable horologist coat and skillfully operating a vibrograf right after exposing these calibres to high magnetic fields. Very well done Omega!

The wrists of some of the attendees included a nice variety of Speedmasters and Seamasters, including several 'Dark Side of the Moon', the first 'Grey Side of the Moon' delivered in the U.S., several full gold and two-tone Aqua Terras and even a rare and coveted Speedmaster X-33. Ladies and gentleman, what can be better than an evening filled with watches, beautiful people and good savvy watch talk.

As we wrapped up another great watch collecting experience, we finally headed back to our hotel with a special souvenir from Omega. This time, we were blown away by the clever idea of including a special key that might be the 'lucky key' to unlock a case located in the new Omega Miami Design District Boutique giving one of the lucky attendees of this soirée, the opportunity to receive a complimentary Master Co-Axial Chronometer. We are sure that all of you who attended this special evening, are eager to stop by the new Omega Boutique as soon as it opens and try out your key —starting December 22nd, 2104.

Omega, thank you for a special evening and for letting us be part of another watch collecting experience that you just can't buy a ticket for. As the night drifted away and a full moon illuminated the ocean, we laid in bed to start counting watches before falling asleep.

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