Experience: Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared. When a 'Beast' Meets Two AP Original Royal Oak Offshore 'Beasts'.

With a size that dwarfs the regular Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, the MB G550 4×4² is one helluva a 'Beast' and a new highlight in the history of the G-Class that blends all the advantages of the model series. Drop shipped in all the way in from Graz, Austria, manufactured by Magna Steyr, the 'Geländewagen' was originally developed as a military vehicle upon request of the Shah of Iran and launched for civilian use in 1979. But what makes this Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared a real 'Beast' is its 88 inches —2.2 meters— height and its impressive ground clearance at 18 inches —almost half a meter. Unlike any other SUVs out there, this is a car that needs to be seen and experienced in person. And when you ride in a 'Beast', you better have not one but two original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 'Beasts' ref. 25721ST.OO.1000ST.01 with you. 

With a price tag exceeding the quarter of a million dollars, the Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared packs a lot of power in its 4.0 liter biturbo V8 engine boasting 416 horsepower regardless of its 6,825 lbs curb weight. Inspired and developed after the G-Class 6x6, the G550 Squared features an all-wheel-drive powertrain including portal axles from the 6×6 —one axle revmoved— and blend it all with a newly-developed variable chassis and the series-production G-Class body.

The newly developed eight-cylinder engine on the Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared features twin turbochargers which are not mounted on the outside of the cylinder banks but rather inside the V configuration and known as the “hot inside V”. Twin sidepipes on both sides in front of the rear wheels modulate the G-typical sound of the G 500 4x4² and master the entire repertoire of potent sports cars, from soft mumbling in neutral through sonorous humming in the partial-load range to emphatic booming when accelerating under full load.

Permanent all-wheel drive, an off-road reduction in the transfer case, portal axles and three differentials lockable whilst on the move will not be found on conventional cross-country vehicles. Even the highest sand dunes are stormed by the 'Beast' with ease, whilst rocky terrain and water is driven through without any problems. Whether you enjoy driving off-road or on the road, this is an SUV that won't leave you hanging high and dry, much like the pair of AP 'Beasts' on the wrist.

Without a doubt there are 'boss' vehicles and this is one of them. Once you step inside the Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared you literally feel like you own the road and much more. An attention grabbing ultra cool SUV that will make any obstacles on the road and that 'No Outlet' sign seem pretty meaningless. 

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