Experience: La Casa del Habano, Cancun Mexico. A Wonderful Afternoon With Cuban Cigars and Rum.

On a recent trip to Mexico, we visited the famous 'La Casa del Habano' located in Cancun Quintana Roo, Mexico —the first international franchise of 'La Casa del Habano' that opened in 1990.

'La Casa del Habano' is considered a temple by those that enjoy smoking a good Cuban cigar —one of the finest pleasures in life— and a place where one can spend a whole afternoon sipping Cuban rums and smoking a handful of hard-to-find delicious 'Habanos'.

Since this was our first time at this location, we decided to walk around and absorb as much as we could of the amazing atmosphere. This is a store where you can discover interesting things in every little corner of it and where cigars, humidors, ashtrays, head sculptures and cigar knickknacks take the main stage.

Room Humidor at La Casa del Habano

One great thing about this location, is that the bar is nicely stocked with Cuban rums and you can sip some of the best 'Mojitos' made to order with 'Havana Club' rum. At this sanctuary of the finest Cuban cigars and rums, you can enjoy every variety of 'Havana Club' —including '7 Años', 'Añejo Especial', 'Gran Reserva 15 Años', Cuban Barrel Proof and even the rare 'Selección de Maestros'— and even the limited production 'Ron Extra Añejo Reserva Especial 15 Años Edmundo Dantes' —only 3,000 bottles become available every once in a while.

As we walked around the store, we noticed the beautiful domino playing table with an original Cuban domino set. The biggest difference between the traditional dominoes and the Cuban dominoes, is that the tiles include double-nines —55 piece set— instead of only double-sixes —28 piece set— on traditional sets. The game of dominoes is the national game of Cuba and for many, the best leisure activity to be enjoyed with friends and family. In the United States, this tradition is kept alive at the 'Maximo Gomez' Domino Park in Calle Ocho in the heart of Miami, Florida. A place where many of 'Los Veteranos' —older Cuban gentlemen— smoke a cigar and enjoy an afternoon playing domino with friends. 

As we continued to look around, we found four brass head sculptures of iconic cigar aficionados that include Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, John F. Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill and the legendary cigar maker Alejandro Robaina —the most famous and renowned cigar maker from the region of 'Vuelta Abajo' in Cuba. In 1997, Habanos S.A. honored Robaina by launching a line of cigars bearing the name of his famous plantation, 'Vegas Robaina'.

Once we headed inside the main humidor room, we picked a few 'Habanos' to smoke while we were there. The selection included an H. Upmann 'Edición Limitada 2009', a Romeo y Julieta 'Coronitas en Cedro' and a Bolivar No. 3.

As we kicked-off the afternoon with some amazing 'Mojitos' —notice the sugar cane that was used to mash the mint leaves— we decided to begin our cigar journey by lighting up the H. Upmann 'Edición Limitada 2009'. A fantastic cigar that is worth having its own full separate review that will be published very soon.

As we sipped our drinks and smoked our fine cigars, we walked around the store one more time, to discover other great things worth talking about. As we walked around the area where the chest humidors are displayed, we found a fine looking handmade 'Vegas Robaina' cedar chest humidor with three large drawers that can hold up to 250  cigars. A unique piece of art and the most beautiful chest humidor we have seen lately.  The decoration on the door of the chest is made of different types of natural straw and wood veneer to create the iconic image of Alejandro Robaina in his plantation. The drawers come with multiple dividers that can be arranged by the owner as desired and the Sticker Price only $1,800 USD. 

For those brave enough to leave the air conditioned space, there's a beautiful terrace overlooking the mangroves next to the 'Nichupte' lagoon where the hot and humid weather will make you feel like you are smoking a cigar near 'El Vedado' in Habana, Cuba.  

As we sipped more 'Mojitos', tried a handful of Cuban rums —including the 'Edmundo Dantes' that was even better than a Zacapa X.O.— and smoked our last Habano —a Bolivar No. 3— in the company of a delicious Danesi espresso, the afternoon drifted away into the evening under a hot and humid mid-Summer day in Cancun. As we departed this temple of 'The Good Life', we promised our friends at 'La Casa del Habano' that we would be back very soon. It only took another day before we stopped by one more time.   

La Casa del Habano Cancún 

Boulevard Kukulkan Km. 12.7

Cancún, Quintana Roo, México 77500  

+52 998 840 7000