Experience: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Schiphol Airport Limited Edition. Perfectly Paired with the Blue dial on the AP Royal Oak Extra-Thin 15202OR.

Landing at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is always a treat if you like the finer things in life as much as we do. After a long-haul flight on KLM's World Business Class, the perfect way to start your day on the other side of the pond is by enjoying all that this airport has to offer. Schiphol is without a doubt, one of our favorite airports in the world and one that truly offers a great experience for watchlifestylers. Next time you land in Amsterdam, here's what we recommend doing: browse through a huge selection of top watch brands at Gassan Jewelers, buy some European delicacies at the specialized food stores, grab a box of Habanos to enjoy during your stay in Europe, swing by the Hermès boutique to get your significant other a twilly, buy a couple shirts or sweaters from Paul & Shark, re-energize with a sip of a perfect cappuccino at Café Chocolat or treat yourself to some early morning champagne with seafood at Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar, but the one thing that you need to do no matter what, is to stop by the epic Johnnie Walker House store that carries this ultra special Johnnie Walker Blue Label Schiphol Limited Edition part of the Casks Edition and the Willow Collection.

The Johnnie Walker House store at the Amsterdam airport not only offers this exclusive Johnnie Walker Blue Label Schiphol Airport limited edition but also a wide variety of other Johnnie Walker exclusive whiskys including the Alexander Walker, the Sir Alexander Walker, the Epic Dates Collection, the Private Collections Series and the Willow Collection.

The Willow Collection offers different themes dedicated to the four Johnnie Walker Houses located in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Seoul and to the five Johnnie Walker House airport stores located at Auckland-New Zealand Airport, Changi-Singapore Airport, Mumbai-India Airport, the Taoyuan-Taiwan Airport and of course the Amsterdam Schiphol-Netherlands Airport.

Bottled in a very special white porcelain bottle and nested in a special collector's white case lined with blue velvet, the design of the bottle narrates the story of Johnnie Walker’s epic journey from Scotland to Amsterdam in 1913.

The square porcelain bottle features the traditional blue-on-white Willow pattern used in Chinese Ming porcelain that was imitated by the Dutch in the early 1600s. As the Dutch became acquainted with porcelain from China, they imitated their porcelain and created Delftware. Unfolding like a pictorial scroll along its four sides, it depicts this compelling encounter between Scotland and the capital of tulips —the Netherlands— in 1913.

With a much higher alcohol content —55.8% vs. 40%— than the regular Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Schiphol Airport limited edition is simply exceptional on the palate. Notes of hazelnuts, dark chocolate and sandalwood first hit your mouth, followed by a rich honey confection with hints of dried fruits and vanilla. One of the most popular whiskies in the world, that will for sure please you with its super smooth and light characteristics.

Originally known as 'Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky', the Johnnie Walker brand is a legacy left by John 'Johnnie' Walker after he started to sell whisky in his grocer's shop in Ayrshire, Scotland and then throughout the world. As the brand became popular, his son Alexander Walker and grandson Alexander Walker II became responsible for establishing the whisky as one of the top selling brands around the world.

Today, you can treat yourself to the finest blends resulting from Johnnie Walker's legacy and to special editions like this one that are always even better in the company of a special watch in your collection. As you take a sip of this special Blue Label Schiphol limited edition and you look at your rose gold AP 15202OR to check the time for your next flight to Geneva, just think about how good your life is and be thankful for it. Life is good and it only gets better.

Sticker Price €400 —approximately $450 USD. For more info on the Johnnie Walker House click here and for Audemars Piguet here.