Experience: Hermès Leather Treasure. Perfectly Designed for those Exploring the World.

When you closely examine the orange hand on the Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 —which we reviewed here—, you'll notice that its hue, is as close as it gets to the color of those fascinating orange boxes we love from Hermès. The Hermès Leather Treasure is a clever solution for those exploring the world and wanting to take a small amount of their favorite fragrances with them. This beautiful and practical leather travel case, allows you to take up to 0.33 fl. oz. with you; that way, the next time you're going through security at the airport, you're not risking losing that big bottle of Clive Christian No.1 or Penhaligon's Halfeti we featured here.

The Hermès Leather Treasure comes in five different colors —Dark Brown, Orange Epsom, Swift Canopée Green, Swift Curry and Swift Taupe like the one we have here—, all exquisitely crafted from that very same precious calfskin leather they use for their Birkin bags and all other leather goods we all love.

In order to replace the glass container located inside the leather travel case, all one needs to do is remove the 'Hermès' polished ring around the atomizer to unveil the small glass bottle inside. For your convenience, you can either fill the container with your favorite fragrance —with the aid of a small aluminum funnel that is included— or simply replace the cartridge with one of the different 0.33 fl. oz. refills that Hermés sells separately. For those watchlifestylers that prefer bigger containers, there is a larger version of the Hermès Leather Treasure that holds 2.5 fl. oz. For us, 'less is more'.

Next time you are exploring the world with that Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 on your wrist, make sure that a couple of these very handy Hermés Leather Treasures come along with you inside your fancy carry-on. Since no one wants to smell the same way throughout a long trip across different countries, this is the perfect solution to carrying different fragrances with you in a very stylish way. And remember, 'never stop exploring'.

Sticker Price $251 USD. For more info on Hermès click here.