Experience: Grand Opening of the Jaeger-LeCoultre New York City Flagship. A Celestial Night Full of Stars and The Good Life.

This past Tuesday March 3, 2015, we were part of the exclusive celebration that took place in New York City for the official grand opening of the new Jaeger-LeCoultre New York City Flagship Boutique on 701 Madison Avenue. The new boutique is nested right next to Panerai and just a few steps from the Hermès flagship between 62nd and 63rd street. This new Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique clearly conveys what the brand stands for with a very intimate and welcoming layout that is accentuated by its circular showcase underneath a majestic chandelier right next to its main entrance. The grand opening was attended by VIP collectors, friends of the brand, a few select press representatives and also executives of Jaeger-LeCoultre from throughout the world. Friends of the brand Canadian actress Sarah Gadon and British actor Clive Owen also joined the event to celebrate this new home for Jaeger-LeCoultre, officially inaugurated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Jaeger-LeCoultre's CEO Daniel Riedo and North America President Philippe Bonay.

As the champagne started to flow and the invitees filled the boutique in a cold snowy night in the city that never sleeps, actress Sarah Gadon made her appearance in a stunning crimson red Armani dress —she's been named the face of Armani. After catching up with some of our peers in the industry and after taking a few sips of exquisite Louis Roderier champagne, the ribbon-cutting ceremony was about to start, but not after we took some wristshots of Sarah Gadon's timepiece in the company of Philippe Bonay.

As the highly polished gold scissors were brought from the back and laid down on top of the circular showcase at the center of the boutique, the branded ribbon was tightly stretched by Sarah Gadon, Clive Owen, Daniel Riedo and Philippe Bonay. Now, the cutting ceremony was officially starting.

As watch connoisseurs, celebrities and press toasted to the occasion, we spent some time capturing some of the intricate details of the boutique as well as some wristshots while enjoying our champagne. Perhaps one of the most beautiful details at the boutique, is the long glass divider next to the stairs where some of the most remarkable JLC calibres are displayed all hanging from the ceiling along metal wires.

After a couple glasses of champagne and our hearts filled with excitement, we then headed for the dinner part of the evening to the ultra exclusive CORE: Club on 66 East 55th Street. The CORE: Club is a members only club founded by Jennie Saunders that will cost you $50K USD to join and $15K in annual dues, granting you access to enjoy the good life and exclusive cultural events in the company of some of the biggest thinkers and innovators of the world from across all industries. This is where the finest of the elite get to hang out while in NYC. The members of CORE: enjoy privileged access to a selection of essential services, orchestrated by world-class experts in the fields of cuisine, fitness, beauty and skin-care. Master Chef of France Bernard Liberatore oversees CORE:’s dining facilities. The renowned Paul Labrecque coordinates services at the salon and spa. The exclusive Dangene’s Institute for Skinovation is located on one full level of CORE:’s facility. Members are able to have their personal fitness regimen directed by the top-notch resources of Zoomtion Fitness.

Upon arrival, we were mesmerized by the artwork on the walls and the ultra modern decor all surrounded by Jaeger-LeCoultre's celestial energy. Negronis, delicate hors d'oeuvres and a very special Jaeger-LeCoultre celestially inspired movie with remarks from North America President Philippe Bonay were just the beginning of the latter part of our evening.

Afterwards, we were treated to a delightful sit down dinner harmonized by the delicate sound of a strings quartet and closing remarks from Jaeger-LeCoultre's CEO Daniel Riedo. Nothing beats good wine, succulent food, beautiful people and exceptional timepieces all converging under an astronomical theme set up during a snowy night in New York City.

After a few 'petits fours', some decadent chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and a well deserved night cap, we then headed back to our hotel to happily discover the beautiful gifts that were given to us by Jaeger-LeCoultre inside the swag bag we received upon departure.

Jaeger-LeCoultre, congratulations on the opening of this new beautiful boutique in New York City and thank you for letting us be part of such a special evening and this great experience in the life of a watchlifestyler.

For more info on Jaeger-LeCoultre click here and for CORE: Club here.