Experience: GMT Bezel Type Bracelet. The Latest Trend on Instagram Available Here.

Several weeks ago, we ran into a picture —posted by a well known watch collector and dealer— of what at the time was just a prototype of what we considered to be one of the most unique and interesting looking stainless steel bracelets. Today, just within a few days from its launch, the GMT Bezel Type Bracelet is the trendiest watch accessory on Instagram among watch collectors and watchlifestylers. Luckily for you guys, we have stocked our shop with them so you can get them without having to search around.

This new bracelet is made of hypoallergenic 316L grade stainless steel with a satin brushed finish and filled with enamel to evoke the vintage look of the Rolex GMT Master bezels. The bracelet is designed in a way similar to the I.D. Blood Type bracelets worn by many aviation pilots where one can bend the bracelet to go around the wrist and fit as snug and comfortably with just a slight bend.

The bracelet is available in three color combinations including the legendary blue and red, black and red and a full black for those that prefer a more monochromatic look. Worn individually, as a stack or next to your timepiece, these bracelets are a must have.

The finish on the enamel just like the stainless steel on the whole bracelet is satin brushed finished with a very nice matte look that is also very smooth to the touch. The colors are quite unique in terms of their hue but not loud at all. This is the type of bracelet designed for those that know and want to wear something that is bold but classy. Reminiscent of the GMT bezels, only the top part of the bracelet —above the numbers— features a serrated finish with teeth that are not sharp at all.

The inlay is done with precision where no excess of material is found on top of the numbers. Under the macro lens and under the loupe you will find that the attention to detail is immaculate and the execution of the bi-color inlay is done with the utmost cleanliness. 

On the wrist, the bracelet wears nicely and complements your timepiece perfectly. Perhaps the only issue is that if you have a wrist with a circumference of more than 8" (20.3 cm) it will be hard for you to wear this bracelet. Other than that, we find this to be one of the most unique watch accessories and a must have if you are a GMT type of guy. Don't be a follower, be a trendsetter and get yours now.

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