Experience: Frederic Malle Monsieur by Bruno Jovanovic. As Understated as a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo ref. 5065A.

Frédéric Malle is a name that not everyone knows about and is the name behind some of the most exclusive fragrances in the world. Introduced in 2000 as Editions de Parfums, this brand is just as understated as a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo ref. 5065A on someone's wrist. A completely novel concept whereby the world’s greatest noses composed exclusive, creative fragrances to be sold under their names, Malle draws attention to the raw materials utilized in the product itself and not to his name like most fragrance makers out there. The grandson of the founder of Christian Dior Parfums and a wearer of a vintage Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 on a NATO strap, Frédéric Malle started his career in 1988 at the prestigious perfume laboratory Roure Bertrand Dupont.

Frédéric Malle’s contribution to the creation of the different fragrances sold under Editions de Parfums varies depending on who he is choosing to collaborate with out of 12 perfumers in his think tank. These perfumers appeal to him to assess their work in progress and to share ideas, almost like the think tank at MB&F where Max Büsser brings other horologists to come up with amazing creations. Frédéric Malle's involvement depends on the project and ranges from complete non-intervention to sleeves-rolled-up creative partnerships with the noses. The development of a signature scent is a lengthy process, generally lasting between 6 and 18 months. Each fragrance starts with an idea, an 'olfactive sketch', which can either take the form of a material base —the mix of two or three raw materials, like colors in an abstract painting— or of an initial feeling, the desire to translate or convey a specific emotion. From there, the perfumers gradually build a full-scale composition, tinkering and problem-solving until a perfect balance is achieved.

For the Frederic Malle Monsieur, he collaborated with Bruno Jovanovic who is a rising star in the world of perfumes. A graduate from Isipca, the famous perfumery school in Versailles, and seasoned perfumer at IFF, Bruno Jovanovic is the man behind this captivating scent that we love.

Utilizing patchouli as one of the main raw ingredients, the Frédéric Malle Monsieur features notes of mandarin orange mingled with rum, while generous notes of cedar, suede and frankincense create a mystical aura on the nose and skin as amber adds a special touch of obscurity. Lastly, small traces of vanilla and musk round off the edges for a harmonious wholesome men's fragrance like no other. Just like the mystical aura that comes with the original Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo ref. 5065A on the wrist, as you find yourself walking into the Frédéric Malle boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Sticker Price $290 USD. For more info on Frederic Malle click here and for Patek Philippe here.