Experience: Fauré Le Page 'Porte Cartes de Crédit'. The 'Under the Radar' Oldest French Luxury 'Maroquinier' for Those that are in the Know.

Fauré Le Page is today the oldest French luxury 'maroquinier' —leather goods company— in the world, and one of those luxury leather goods that is still 'under the radar' and reserved for those watchlifestylers that are in the know and truly enjoy the good life. Established almost 300 hundred years ago in 1717 —135 years before Goyard and 137 years before Louis Vuitton—, by Louis Pigny, it remained in the hands of the same family for seven generations until 1913. Fauré Le Page started as an armorer dedicated to provide the French royalty with weapons during the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI. Some of their world renowned creations include Napoleon's vermeil saber and Louis XVI's hunting pieces. Later in time, they would become a provider of hand-painted leather holsters and gun bags for those firearms their exclusive clientele was purchasing. In 1789, Fauré Le Page made its mark in history by providing weapons to the revolutionaries involved in the French Revolution. Their current slogan "Armé Pour Séduire" —armed for seduction— clearly conveys the look and desirability of their leather goods.

Luckily for us lovers of the finer things in life, the brand was revived at the end of 2012 and is now exclusively sold in three places around the world. Two places in Paris —at the flagship on 21 Rue Cambon and at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann— and one in Osaka, Japan —Hankyu Umeda store. Since this is a brand with a very limited production, we foresee for it to continue to remain ultra exclusive —just like the AP next to the card holder— and really hard to get. Due to that exclusivity, there is already some sort of 'cult-like' following going on. Now, if you want to remain being a trendsetter and not a follower, perhaps is time to plan a quick trip to Paris or Osaka to stock up on Fauré Le Page goodies.

Their selection of leather goods goes all the way from the smallest of items like this simple 4-credit card holder —porte cartes de crédit— we have here, all the way to clutches, purses, totes, gun holsters, coin holsters and even larger bags. Their design still maintains the same scales pattern used in the first leather goods produced by them centuries ago and using a combination of hand painted canvas along with ultra-supple fine leather. Their collection is available in a limited number of colors —Steel Grey, Paris Blue, Empire Green, Walnut Brown and Ivresse Red— with green being the most desirable and iconic of them. Every item features the scales 'ecailles' pattern with the Fauré Le Page logo and the 'Paris 1717' writing in alternating order.

The Fauré Le Page Porte Cartes de Crédit features four compartments for credit cards and one central one in between the front and back of the card holder. As you can see in the pictures, the finish of their goods is definitely in line with the quality expected from a 'maroquinier' with almost 300 years of history,

Unfortunately for those unable to go to Paris or Osaka right now, the Fauré Le Page website doesn't offer much to look at, as it is mainly used to show their contact information, press relations info and mainly used as a parked domain destination without any content. Hopefully as the brand continues to grow, this will change so that people can at least enjoy some 'eye candy' on this side of the pond. For now, feel free to drool over these images we prepared for you of our very own Fauré Le Page 'Porte Cartes de Crédit'.

Next time you see a watchlifestyler pull out one of these card holders instead of the conventional Goyard or Louis Vuitton ones, rest assured that he is for sure one of our readers and a true watchlifestyler in all the sense of the word.

Sticker Price ‎€155 Euros. For more info on Fauré Le Page click here.