Experience: Fauchon Champagne. From Our Favorite Gourmet Store in Paris.

Any watchlifestyler that has been to Paris and reads our content knows Fauchon very well. Fauchon is the quintessential luxury gourmet food store in Paris with its flagship store located in the heart of the 8th arrondissement right at the Place de la Madelaine. This store is just two short blocks away from the Hermès flagship on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and two doors down from the Alain Figaret boutique —this designer carries the Audemars Piguet Tour Auto apparel during the time the Tour Auto Optic 2000 Race takes place.

Last time we stopped by Fauchon, we decided to bring with us a few bottles of their champagne for a rainy day back home. Without a doubt, Fauchon is our favorite gourmet food store in Paris and a must visit for anyone that enjoys the good life.

Fauchon carries everything from carry-out prepared dishes to bread, 'pâtisserie', chocolates, truffles, charcuterie, 'fromages', gourmet canned foods, caviar and any other edibles of the highest quality. To sum it up, the best of the best is sold at Fauchon.

Some of the Fauchon products are also sold in the delicatessen sections of the most upscale stores around Europe including Germany, Spain, U.K., Portugal and Denmark just to name a few. They also happen to be a purveyor of sweet and salty 'pâtisserie' for the Nespresso boutiques around Paris like the smoked salmon 'mille-feuille' in the photograph below. 

The Fauchon Brut champagne is a dry champagne with a high level of acidity on the palate and with strong apple and pear aromas. This champagne is a perfect pairing to Beluga caviar, salty ripened cheeses or other savory foods. With its low content of sugar and high acidity it can cut through the fat of a savory quiche, a 'Saint Agur' cheese or a smoked salmon 'mille-feuille'. One great thing about this champagne is that it will bring back memories from those amazing nights at the Hôtel Costes in Paris.

Next time you stop by the Hermès flagship boutique in Paris, make sure you make a pit stop at Fauchon and pick up a bottle of champagne and one of their lovely desserts to enjoy them while you open that beautiful orange box in your hotel room.

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