Experience: Davidoff Mille Series 2000. A Perfect Mild Cigar for a Lunch Break.

Nothing beats having a good cigar during your lunch break. This time, we decided to enjoy a mild cigar that is ranked as one of the best cigars for beginners and a cigar that can be enjoyed any time of the day. We are talking about the Davidoff 2000, a cigar within the Davidoff Mille Series that is made in the Dominican Republic.

The Davidoff 2000 is a very mild 'Corona' measuring 5" in length with a 43 ring gauge. This cigar is perfectly suited for a quick smoke or a smoke with no liquor pairings. To join us in this experience a Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Titanium Red that we have reviewed here before. 

This Davidoff 2000 starts as a slightly peppery cigar for the first five minutes, and then evolves into one of the creamiest and mildest Dominican cigars you could ever smoke. Perfectly rolled and reminiscent of the best 'Habanos', this is a Dominican cigar that will get you as close as possible to a Cuban cigar —in terms of its color, smell and smoking experience. You know we are not kidding as this is something we would rarely mention about cigars made in the Dominican Republic.

Once you light up this wonderful cigar, expect to be taken on a wonderful journey with a wide variety of notes that are typically reserved for more complex and bold cigars like 'Flor de las Antillas', 'Cohiba' or 'Montecristo'. As soon as you take those very first puffs as you are lighting it up, you will be greeted by a touch of pepper followed by some leather and coffee notes.

After the first third of the cigar, this Davidoff 2000 evolves every 3-5 minutes during its first half. After the first half, you will notice that the flavor profile remains quite even with seldom changes towards the last third of the cigar. After experiencing notes of pepper, leather and coffee, the cigar also presents caramel and some floral notes towards the end. Without a doubt, this is a cigar that can be enjoyed all the way to the end —even pass where its ring is located. The Davidoff 2000 is one of the few cigars that is comparable to some of our favorite 'Habanos' like the 'Romeo y Julieta' or the 'Quai D Orsay'.

The burning time on this cigar is approximately 35-45 minutes without a single burnout. The ash holds up very nicely for almost the first half —with a long white ash— in a cigar that has the perfect draw and that reviews should be ranking even higher.

Once you get close to its ring, savor the last puffs of this creamy, mild cigar while you check the time on that perfectly matching Linde Werdelin SpidoLite II Titanium Red.

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