Experience: Cohiba Exquisitos. When Time is of Essence and You Need a Quick Cigar.

Cohiba is a brand that enjoys a formidable reputation in the world of cigars and is considered to be the 'crème de la crème' when it comes to Habanos —Cuban cigars. Created in 1966 for Fidel Castro and handmade at the world famous 'El Laguito' factory, these cigars were originally only seen outside of the island when presented as gifts to heads of state or dignitaries throughout the world. Today, Cohiba cigars are sold internationally and are the most reputable and consistent brand when it comes to quality and a superior cigar smoking experience.

For those of you wondering, the name 'Cohiba' has its origins from the the ancient 'Taino' language word used by the Taino Indians —that populated the islands of the Caribbean before the Spanish Conquest in the 1500s— when referring to bunches of tobacco leaves.

The leaves used in Cohiba cigars are the best of the best and they come from the renowned and prestigious Cuban region of Vuelta Abajo. As you may recall from our other posts, the best tobacco leaves in the world come from this region of Cuba. Additionally, Cohiba cigars are rolled in a very unique way that includes two types of filler leaves that are called 'seco' —dry— and 'ligero' —light. These leaves undergo a special fermentation in barrels that makes them extremely smooth and like no other cigar filler.

The Cohiba Exquisitos are a Seoane vitola that is a medium to full bodied cigar with wrapper leaves have been carefully chosen to provide a great smoking experience. Measuring good 5" in length but with a very thin 33 ring gauge —half an inch— this is a perfect cigar for when time is of essence and you can't spend a full hour or more enjoying one. 

With a relatively short burning time —approximately 30 minutes—, this cigar builds up a nice ash that holds up very well. With mild notes of leather, pepper and a hint of vanilla here and there, the Cohiba Exquisitos stray true to their name which translates in English to 'exquisite'.

Posted on November 3, 2017 and filed under Food Wine & Cigars.