Experience: Céline Radical Sunglasses. Timeless and Classic Looking Like a Stainless Steel Royal Oak.

Don't be fooled by the word radical in their name, this royal blue Céline unisex shades look as classic and timeless as a stainless steel AP Royal Oak on the wrist. The late 60s inspired blue frames along with the smoky brown perfectly flat lenses and the triple-dot golden accents will make you like like Marcello Mastroianni hanging out around Lake Como. While black or brown —tortoise— frames are typically the most popular and common way to go when looking for sunglasses that match every outfit and every occasion, the same could be said about the king of all colors. This royal blue Céline sunglasses are not only a perfect match to most outfits but are also ultra chic and perfectly suited for all occasions.

While current fashion trends suggest the use of aviators or sportier looking shades, there's something very special about a pair of dark blue shades that you won't see many wearing around, just like a Royal Oak on someone's wrist. 

If timeless classic design is what you prefer, just imagine pairing your blue dial Royal Oak with this sunglasses that will make you stand out from the crowd. As we like to say it, be a trendsetter not a follower. Not for anything this shade of blue is often called royal blue.

Sticker Price $400 USD. For more info on Audemars Piguet click here and for Céline here.

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