Experience: Berd Vay'e Lost in Time Sculpture. A Crystal Clear Skull Filled with Vintage Watch Parts.

Berd Vay’e is the brainchild of two dynamic individuals with decades of experience in the fine watch and jewelry industry. The pair combined a shared fascination which began at a young age with watchmaking and the harmony in which watch components work together to inspire art lovers and watch collectors alike from around the world. These two artisans have sourced and continue to source thousands of vintage watches and watch components from around the globe with the final goal of the preserving their venerable history in precious Lucite. They passionately seek out new design inspiration from the world of horology. The name "Berd Vay’e" represents a culmination of syllables from the designer's names, an homage to their each of their personal passions for horology itself.

Fueled by their passion for horology, the founders of Berd Vay’e travel around the world to find vintage watches and clocks that will then be dismantled and become the parts inside their different sculptures. Their collection is composed of 5 different art pieces including the Lost in Time skull we have here. There’s a sphere called the Horosphere, a square-shaped named Time Squared, an hourglass named Passage Through Time and a wall picture named Time Framed. While all five sculptures follow the same premise of immortalizing the watch parts by carefully positioning them inside a crystal clear shatter-resistant Lucite —lead manufacturer of plexiglas or acrylic— sculpture, they all have different concepts, sizes and looks.

As far as the Lost in Time skull sculpture goes, this one is available in two different sizes. While the small one we have here measures 4x5x6 inches —with a total weight of 2.5 pounds— and includes around 900 watch parts, the large one is 18 pounds heavy and measures 7x10x11 inches with 800 to 1,000 watch parts. Both are available in a highly exclusive limited edition of 999 pieces each and presented in a polished mahogany case, lined in satin. Each piece is numbered and features accompanying gloves and a .925 silver plaque designed to depict a watch gear. A great piece of art that will enhance your decor if you are crazy about watches like we are. Definitely one of our favorite objects of desire.

Sticker Price Upon Request. For more info on Berd Vay’e click here.