Experience: Barbour Jackets. The Perfect Watchlifestyler Companions for Autumn and Winter.

Fall is here and its time to pull those Barbours out of the closet and pair them with your vintage Rolexes. Even better if its with a nicely aged Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675 with faded super fat font bezel and creamy patina. Barbour jackets are to outerwear what Hermès is to ties and what Rolex is to watches.

A Barbour jacket is indispensable, handcrafted, durable and a true symbol of a real watchlifestyler. Barbour's iconic classic wax jackets have been protecting generations of families from the cold and rain for over a hundred years. The Barbour story began in 1894 in the Market Place in South Shields. Today, the 5th generation family owned business remains in their Barbour's headquarters located in Simonside, South Shields. Barbour's classic wax jackets are still manufactured by hand in the factory in Simonside. Barbour now has 11 of its own retail shops in the UK and a presence in over 40 countries worldwide including the United States, Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan.

Barbour jackets are made of 100% cotton — of different weights, thickness and texture calibers— that is fully waxed to become thornproof and waterproof. These jackets are fitted with a soft yet hard-wearing corduroy collar that will always be the unmistakable detail of a true Barbour jacket. The collar is purposefully made of corduroy to provide warmth around the neck and underneath it is fitted with a chin-guard that can be secured when rolling the collar up in order to guarantee extra warmth.

Barbour big-toothed, corrosion-proofed metal zips actually improve with wear. They are made two-way for ease of movement and access to internal pockets. The roomy patch pockets on the front are made from four separate pieces of fabric and fitted with flaps, drainage eyelets and press studs in solid brass with an oxidized finish making them totally weather and corrosion proof.

All Barbour jackets feature a double-rolled seam that is not an easy or cheap technique and one that ensures the jacket remains totally weatherproof. Most Barbour jackets will be fitted with moleskin hand-warming pockets around the ribcage area and with Velcro closure inner cuffs or knit ribbed cuffs.

Something to love about all Barbour jackets is that they all have their own very unique cut, pocket features and purpose in life. For instance, the Bedale is the shortest Barbour  jacket and is also known as the equestrian or riding jacket because of its snap closed openings towards the back of the hips perfect for horseback riding. The Classic Moorland —featured here— is the perfect companion for a hunting trip as it includes two zippered pockets on the back of the jacket to keep your game and/or shells. These pockets can be fully washed with soap and water if necessary. On the other hand, a jacket like the Border is not only one of the longest Barbours out there —right above the knee long— but it's a hunting jacket that includes removable interior game pockets that can also be fully washed.

For extra-warmth during the winter months, all Barbour jackets feature either a snap-on or zippered liner. While older jackets feature the snap-on warm pile lining —faux sheepskin—, the newer models are fitted with a zippered quilted fleece lining that is very warm and in most instances, it can also be worn by itself as a vest.     

Another unmistakable touch of all Barbour jackets besides its collar, unique look and crayon-like odor —due to the wax used on it— is its plaid lining in different colors depending on the model and outer color you choose. The most traditional plaid lining used on Barbour jackets is the blue, green, black and white combo. Additionally, all Barbour jackets are fitted with snaps under the collar so that you can attach one of their snap-on hoods. 

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere and you are ready to embrace autumn and winter the right way, you better pull  that Barbour jacket out of the closet, re-wax it and wear it. If you don't have one, then it's time to buy a few of them. New York Watchlifestylers: Please don't send your Barbours to the cleaners. We've seen too many unwaxed jackets walking the streets.

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