Experience: Arnold & Son Collectors Dinner with Watch Collecting Lifestyle. Another Great Watch Night in New York City.

Last Tuesday September 13th, 2016, in partnership with Arnold & Son, we hosted a casual dinner in New York City, where some of the finest watch collectors in the city joined us for a night filled with Negronis, good food and very exclusive timepieces at the Lafayette Grand Café in the East Village. In what we can describe as a relaxing laid back evening, collectors were able to peruse not only most of the timepieces in the Arnold & Son collection, but also some of the spectacular watches from their sister company Angelus. Among the usual watch suspects, all the watches presented during Baselworld 2016 were also available for viewing as Sebastien Chaulmontet —Head of Innovation for Arnold & Son— and Samir Shah —Managing Director of Arnold & Son North America— greeted and presented the watches to our exclusive guests.

With our usual Negroni on hand, the evening kicked-off with some brief introductions, remarks and a brief presentation by Sebastién Chaulmontet. As watch collectors arrived and enjoyed a nice couple of rounds of Negronis, the atmosphere started to fill with the usual Watch Collecting Lifestyle vibe. Some of our favorite pieces during the evening included the Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon, the new Nebula, the DSTB, the Time Pyramid and some of the Angelus pieces that were brought for the occasion including the U10 Tourbillon Lumière, the U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon we reviewed here and the U40 Tourbillon Skeleton we featured here. To check all the hands-on reviews we've done for Arnold & Son just click here

Once we finally sat for dinner served family style to make for a much less formal atmosphere and greater camaraderie, Sebastién Chaulmontet did a brief presentation of the history of the brand, explained the different collections in the Arnold & Son portfolio and walked everyone through the now 21 in-house calibres than have been developed by this relatively young brand —revived the rich history of Arnold & Son founded in 1736— in less than a decade.

In true WCL fashion, this was another perfect watch life night filled with exceptional watches and a touch of the good life. Special thanks to all our guests that dealt with the horrible traffic in New York City that evening, as well as the whole team at Arnold & Son for partnering with us and making this night so special. For more info on Arnold & Son click here.