Experience: Al Bazar Milano 7 Tie by Lino Ieluzzi. A Perfect Italian Sartorial Combo when Paired with a Panerai.

If you are familiar with Pitti Uomo and names like Renato Plutino, Gianni Fontana and Lino Ieluzzi, then the 7 tie is no stranger to you. The 7 tie from Al Bazar Milano by Lino Ieluzzi —featured by us here— is one of those sartorial items that only those in the know will recognize and wear. Just like when you're wearing a Panerai 'Destro' and only a real watchlifestyler would be able to call out its reference number —after spotting it on your wrist—, recognizing a 7 tie by Lino Ieluzzi takes the same level of expertise. For those of you wondering, why there's a number 7 on his ties, well, that is because five or six years ago what started as a joke in preparation for one of Lino's birthdays on October 7th, ended up becoming a very clever design idea that would mark Lino Ieluzzi's Al Bazar ties forever.

If you end up buying one of his ties, make sure you can pair with an iconic Panerai Luminor Marina like we did. Below, a Panerai Luminor Marina 'Destro' PAM 26K with bespoke tobacco strap with beige contrast stitching. Full review of this watch here.

These iconic Milanese ties are elegant but casual at the same time, and all made from spare fabric used in the suits or shirts he creates. All ties have no liner, therefore, is easy to wear multiple ties at the same time or easily turn them into a pocket square if the occasion requires it. Perfectly stitched and finished with an Italian flag stitching on the back, these ties are only found at Lino Ieluzzi's haberdasher in Milan, Italy.

While the 7 tie by Lino Ieluzzi is a great tie, we want to clarify that it is not at the level of an Hermès one. However, its original look, exclusivity and refinement pairs very well with any bespoke suit or simply paired with a nice blazer. Its cut, in very Milanese sartorial style, is quite thin but properly cut to make for a remarkable knot. The ties are available in a large variety of colors and textures perfectly suited for your different outfits all the way from Spring to Winter.

Sticker Price €120 Euros. For more info on Al Bazar and Lino Ieluzzi click here.