Encounter: Porsche 911 circa 1966. A Glimpse of the Past.

A few days ago, while driving around our old neighborhood trying to find a parking spot, we ran into one of our all-time favorite automobiles, a legendary Porsche 911 from the 1960s. This Porsche 911 circa 1966, is still in very nice condition and running strong and loud as any 911 should be.

After parking our own Porsche, we decided to then snap a few pictures to record this memorable encounter. The watch on our wrist an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver. It's really crazy how often we run into fancy cars while wearing this watch. From now on, we should call our Diver the 'fancy car magnet'.    

Porsche launched the 911 back in 1963 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. At that time, the 911 was originally called 901; however, Peugeot objected the use of the name 901 and Porsche changed it to what is now the most iconic number in automobiles, the '911'.

In 1965, the production of the 911 a.k.a. 356 was stopped, and the 912 was launched. The 912 was a less expensive model featuring a four-cylinder engine from the last 356s and was less luxurious than the 911. This 1966 model we stumbled upon, is still a 911 that maintained the same line and details of the first 911s up until 1970, year in which the new line of 911s was released.

This particular vintage Porsche is fitted with all original parts and its black paint is still in very decent shape considering the age of the vehicle. Nothing like fancy timepieces and fancy cars to enjoy the 'good life'.

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