Baselworld 2017: MB&F Destination Moon Clock by L'Epée. Live Pictures & Pricing.

Continuing with their space and sci-fi creations, MB&F is presenting the new clock in partnership with legendary clock maker L'Epée. The new MB&F Destination Moon with the architecture of L’Epée’s eight-day movement follows the basic engineering of a real spaceship. Power in a rocket comes from its base and the power for Destination Moon comes from the oversized winding crown in its base. The control systems of a rocket are above the power source and the same holds true for Destination Moon, which has a vertical regulator underneath the time display, as well as a time-setting knob at the top of the movement. Considering this clock is a dust and lint magnet, we apologize in advance for the dust and specs in our live pictures of the MB&F Destination Moon.

That regulator with its animated balance is protected from cosmic radiation —and anyone attempting to touch it— by a small panel of virtually invisible mineral glass. Hours and minutes are displayed by large, white numerals on stainless steel disks at the very top right below the tip of the rocket.

And just like on the launch pad of the MB&F Caran d'Ache Astrograph Pen released last year and which we featured here, there is also a cute astronaut that comes with the clock and whom is named Neil. This mini astronaut equipped with a magnet at the front and a spacesuit is forged in solid silver and stainless steel. The magnet on his chest allows for him to attach to the ladder connecting the crown to the movement.

Powered by a single barrel, the clock features a power reserve of 8 days and the movement is composed of 164 parts and 17 jewels. The movement is exquisitely finished with mirror polishing, bead blasting and satin brushed finishing. While the movement is made of palladium plated brass, stainless steel and nickel plated steel, the body of the rocket is made of satin finished stainless steel. The MB&F Destination Moon clock is available in three different colors for its palladium plated landing pods including PVD coating in blue, green or black, each of which is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces each. The clock measures 41.4 cm —16 inches— tall by 23.3 cm —9.2 inches— wide at its base. The total weight is four kilograms —roughly 9 pounds.

In all, this is another amazing uber cool creation by MB&F and one that would look great on any office desk or home table.

Sticker Price CHF 19,900 —approximately $19,500 USD. For more info on MB&F click here.