Baselworld 2015: Introducing the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold and SpidoLite Titanium. Live Pictures and Pricing.

This year at Baselworld 2015, Linde Werdelin didn't go as far as it did last year when it released the Oktopus MoonLite with a very special alloy called ALW, instead, this year Linde Werdelin decided to continue to capitalize on skeletonization of their movements and dials to enhance the look of their SpidoLite collection. This year, two new watches were unveiled, the SpidoLite Gold and the SpidoLite Titanium. Both watches in a limited edition of 75 pieces each, show remarkable skeletonization and ultra cool design. While the look of these two new watches is remarkable, one thing that we do need to point out —and we've said this before—, is that the sapphire crystals still don't come to with anti-reflective coating to improve readability and eliminate that unwanted glare that doesn't allow one to fully appreciate the skeletonized dials. Linde Werdelin, one more time, please add the AR coating to the crystals and either you soften the sharp edges of the crown guards or increase the crown size a bit so it's easier to pull out and operate.

The SpidoLite Gold and the SpidoLite Titanium, the fourth generation of the SpidoLite family, mark an evolution in weight-optimized construction and reveals the first ever Linde Werdelin power reserve indicator. The SpidoLite family was born from an expedition to Mount Everest and has pursued a simple goal, to save weight without compromising on strength, integrity or performance. Holistically conceived and engineered, this SpidoLite is the most extreme skeleton to date and the SpidoLite Gold challenges the assumption that a heavy precious metal cannot produce an incredibly agile sports timepiece. Both watches are fitted with the SpidoLite case measuring 44 mm in diameter and while the SpidoLite Gold is made of 5N 18K rose gold, the SpidoLite Titanium is made of Titanium one is made of Titanium grade 5. Both watches sport titanium crowns engraved with a spider icon and solid case backs made out of titanium. While the SpidoLite Gold features a grooved bezel made of black ceramic, the SpidoLite Titanium's bezel is made of titanium.

To protect the beating heart inside these timepieces —the calibre LW07 with 42-hour power reserve, still not an in-house movement—, both watches feature case back with eight hex key titanium screws and laser engraved limited edition information as well as LW and SpidoLite logos. In the case of the SpidoLite Gold, the engravings are filled with 5N rose gold.

On the wrist, both watches wear true to their size but not as comfortable as you would expect due to the sharp angles on the outer case construction. While the SpidoLite Gold features a textured calfskin strap with titanium pin buckle, the SpidoLite Titanium comes fitted with a grey rubber strap with pin buckle. Two great looking timepieces for sure.

Sticker Price CHF27,000 Ex VAT for rose gold model and CHF15,000 ex VAT for titanium. For more info on Linde Werdelin click here.