Baselworld 2015: Introducing the Evolved Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps MCT Sequential One S110. Live Pictures and Pricing.

Right on time for Baselworld 2015, Manufacture du Temps presents the evolution of their iconic Sequential One S110 timepiece. This time, the watch is not only also available in Anthracite PVD White Gold but its typography, movement decoration and dial get more classic and even more stunning. The workshop of MCT —Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps— located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region of Lake Neuchâtel and lead by François Candolfi is living example of the level of innovation and the creative spirit of independent watchmaking companies. The evolved MCT Sequential One S110 maintains all of its technical specifications in terms of case size, movement and functioning. There are two new models that were just presented and in order to explain the main differences between the evolved model and the predecessor you will find side-by-side shots of the watches. While the font on the prisms and the central retrograde minute track got more of a classical and more legible look, the back got even better. Note the different type of screws that secure the cross-shaped bridge, the blued hands and even the smooth finish on the mainplate. You can find our review of the first Sequential One S110 here.

Now let's appreciate all the new details with our usual hands-on macro live photographs. Notice the new blued hands providing perfect contrast on the dial side and the beautiful 'Côtes de Genève' adorning the movement. But first take a good look at the two brand new models available with PVD treatment or without.

They say that the devil is in the details, however, for an exclusive manufacture like MCT Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, the details are what they master and what sets them apart from other competitors in the category.

While the movement is still the manual wound calibre MCT-S1 composed of 471 parts, 83 jewels, traditional Breguet terminal curve, patented system for rotation of the minute disc and for accumulation of energy, the running seconds indicator on one of the bridges is now gone making room for some impressive finishing improvements. The calibre now bears a beautiful black MCT crest, 'Côtes de Genève', engraved barrel wheel,  and a much more appealing look considering the craftsmanship and price tag on one of these watches.

On the wrist, the watch still wears the same but with an even more impressive wrist presence.

Sticker Price $69,500 USD. For more info on Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps MCT click here.