Baselworld 2014: Christophe Claret Margot. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not on the Wrist. Live Pictures and Pricing.

Inspired by the 'He loves me, he loves me not' game of French origin played with a daisy flower —marguerite in French— and in which one person removes petals from the flower to determine whether one loves him/her or not, comes the new Christophe Claret Margot ladies watch ref. MTR.EMT17.030-050. A watch that impressed everyone at Baselworld 2014 and that truly allows the wearer to play the game with the timepiece. This new watch, is fitted with two pushers on the case band —at 2 and 4 o'clock—, allowing the wearer to play the 'He loves me, he loves me not' —effeuiller la marguerite in French— game.

To play the game, all that the wearer needs to do, is to press the pusher at 2 o'clock which activates a mechanism that removes one or two petals off of the daisy flower and then shows a phrase in French –via an aperture at the bottom of the dial— on how much or how little that person loves you. While the bottom aperture on the left side always displays the message "il m'aime" —he loves me—, the second aperture will randomly display different endings to the famous phrase such as "un peu" —a little—, "beaucoup" —a lot—, "passionnément" —passionately—, "a la folie" —madly— or even "pas du tout" —not at all. After all the petals have been removed and the love fate has been disclosed, then the wearer will press the pusher at 4 o'clock to reincorporate the petals to the flower and play again if desired. The message aperture then displays a suspension point (...). One other thing that we loved about this new timepiece is that at each press of the pusher, a distinct, crystalline chime resonates, aurally signaling the pace of the game.

The white gold palladium alloy coated case measuring 42.5 mm in diameter is set with 423 snow-set diamonds totaling approximately 3 carats. The lugs are hexagonal shaped and also diamond encrusted. The blue mother-of-pearl dial exudes romantic femininity and is delicately engraved with verses from Victor Hugo's poem Unité. Additionally, on the dial there are three pear-shaped diamonds at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and Christophe Claret's logo on relief at 12 o'clock. A pair of gold-tipped, blued steel hands glide over the 12 white, satin-lacquered titanium petals that tightly embrace the central yellow sapphire pistil and its multi-level corolla intensifying the three-dimensionality of the dial’s landscape. To maintain the sleekness of the overall design of the case, the crown is located behind the top lug by the case back.

To make this watch even more special, the display case back reveals the beautifully finished automatic movement calibre EMT17 composed of 731 parts, 95 jewels and which provides a power reserve of 3 days when fully wound. The movement is fitted with a central skeletonized rotor that covers the whole movement and that is delicately carved with the shape of a flower and accentuated by a carrousel of eight triangular precious stones lined up with a sentiment of love engraved on the center of the rotor. Each one of these eight resplendent triangular precious stones denotes a feeling —purity, passion, joy, confidence, hope, loyalty, friendship, tenderness and purity. After the rotor spins freely and stops, each of these stones will randomly line up with a red-lacquered heart —color of the sentiments— engraved on the perimeter of the case back.

The Christophe Claret Margot is truly an amazing timepiece that will put a smile on the face of that loved one even if the message aperture shows "pas du tout" —not at all. We know for sure that after gifting her one of these watches, there will be no doubt as to whether you love her or not. The Margot is available in four different models and in a 20-piece limited edition for each of them. Only 80 lucky ladies will be able to own this amazing exceptional timepiece.

Sticker Price 198,000CHF ex VAT for White Gold or Red Gold with 423 snow-set diamonds. 278,000CHF ex VAT for the White Gold or Red Gold with 68 baguette-set diamonds. For more info on Christophe Claret click here.