Insider: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44 "Combat" ref. 26400SO.OO.A054CA.01. Hands-on Review Under Natural Light.

Perceived as a controversial watch by many and nicknamed by us as the 'Combat' because of its color scheme and unique camouflage pattern rubber strap, the recently released Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore ref. 26400SO.OO.A054CA.01. in 44 mm is a watch that is definitely better appreciated under natural light. When we perused this new watch at the SIHH 2018, the bezel didn't seem to be as bright green as the stock images suggested and even our pictures captured it in a much darker hue that was almost black looking—please see picture below taken at the AP pavilion under bright lights and not under natural light. Then, the second picture below, shows one of the new images we were able to capture under natural light —it is incredible how different the watch looks, but still somewhat dark when it comes to bezel, crown and pushers. 

About the Watch

After much debate and several threads we read across different 'watch fora', we decided to go ahead and spend more time with the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44 "Combat" to provide our readers with additional images and our verdict. Once we were able to peruse the new AP Combat under natural light, we can confidently say that the shade of green shown by AP's stock images is a tad brighter than what our eye was able to see in the metal. Now, when it comes to the dial, the stock images make the dial appear just a little bit darker than what in reality looks like in the metal.

The green ceramic bezel and pushers are true chameleons that emit different hues and shades of green going all the way from a murky green —almost black— to a very true forest green, as soon as one exposes the watch to natural light and plays with it moving it in different directions. The pictures below, show very different hues depending on the angle at which the picture was taken, particularly when it comes to the side shot of the bezel, crown and pushers.

And the one element that doesn't change at all, regardless of the lighting conditions is the camouflage pattern rubber strap. While many dared to compare this new AP rubber strap to the camo straps sold by Horus, in terms of both quality, durability and color, there is no comparison to be made. The AP rubber strap is of way much higher quality and Audemars Piguet is known to offer some of the best rubber straps in the market.

As far as the movement, this new Royal Oak Offshore 'Combat' is still powered by the modular calibre 3126/3840 based off of the AP calibre 3120. Composed of 365 parts and 59 jewels, the movement provides a power reserve of 50 hours while beating at a frequency of 21,600 vph. The watch is fitted with the now traditional display case back that allows for full view of the movement and the watch is water resistant to 100 meters. 

On the Wrist & Pricing

On the wrist, the new Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 44 "Combat" ref. 26400SO.OO.A054CA.01 wears true to its size and with super cool wrist presence. If you like olive green outfits and camo patterns, then this watch is 'in the money'. The watch will be sold with an additional solid khaki green rubber strap. The following wrist shots show how different the bezel appears just by tilting the wrist a little bit —the greenest is the first picture. A true chameleon like no other.

Sticker Price $31,000 USD. For more info on Audemars Piguet click here.