News: The Write Time by Anura Rafael. A Convertible Pen with Integrated Mechanical Watch with Tourbillon.

The Write Time Pen Watch

The Anura Rafael Write Time is a unique convertible object that brings the arts of fine writing and watchmaking together within a modern, striking design. Signature elegance and refined craftsmanship contribute to creating a bespoke style offered on an individual commission basis only. The Anura Rafael Write Time is a sublime object like no other, modern yet imbued with a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era of elegance. It hearkens back to a time when horology was not limited to just traditional wristwatches but also exquisite expressions of unbridled creativity and skill in the form of 'objets de vertu'. This unprecedented design features a patented system which makes it possible to convert a time capsule housing a tourbillon into a writing instrument or a wristwatch.

Fixed to a pen, it brings together the arts of fine writing and watchmaking within a truly unique object. The intricately designed pen is made of 18k gold encased in alligator leather. The gold nib is available in different sizes to suit the specifications of the client and enhance writing comfort. It comes with either a piston filler or a cartridge. A proprietary clip and orientation system ensure all parts are perfectly aligned enhancing its elegant ergonomic curves.
Worn on the wrist, it transforms into a watch unlike any other. This piece of cutting edge design is powered by a transversal movement, encapsulated within a sapphire cone modeled with pure, natural lines. Fit into an openwork receptacle to be worn snugly around the wrist, it allows quick, easy lateral reading of the time on three discs. On the side, the base of the cone provides an unimpeded view of the captivating ballet of the Tourbillon.

A two-year development, the Anura Rafael Write Time is built around an innovative linear movement that is shaped like a tube. Housed within a sapphire capsule, the inner workings are on full display for the visual enjoyment of its owner. Its gears are unusually mounted vertically and are powered by a one-minute tourbillon. The time display consists of three rollers with hand-engraved and hand-painted numerals. The balance wheel oscillates at 28,800 vph for a power reserve of 48 hours provided by two barrels in series. Developed by Anura Rafael, this piece of technical ingenuity is made of no fewer than 472 parts.

At its extremity, a large fluted crown enables the winding of the movement and the setting of the time. Rotating rings, based on a patented internal-tooth lock washer system are used to quickly and easily lock and unlock the time capsule and place on the wrist or the pen. A personal signature, the lock washer teeth will be unique and personalized for every single piece manufactured. The whole set comes with a tastefully designed leather travel case safely housing all the elements together with an inkpot. Several additional compartments and trays allow for the storage of other prized possessions.

Anura Rafael manufactures unique pieces only, created on an individual commission basis. Envisaged as a co-creation experience, each custom project is built around a dialogue to capture the customers’ expectations, connecting their individuality with the world of Anura Rafael. Customization offers a wide choice of possibilities including the materials, the colors, the finish, the movement, the nib and the travel box. The Anura Rafael Write Time is 100% Swiss made. All parts of the watch, the pen and the case are manufactured by selected craftsmen from the Jura mountains, the cradle of Swiss watchmaking. This unique team, experts in their respective fields, is brought together by passion and the desire to create something unique.

Sticker Price CHF245,000 Swiss Francs —approximately $245,000 USD. For more info on Anura Rafael click here.