Experience: Smythson Oxblood Camouflage Burlington Cardholder & Passport Holder. One of the Sexiest Camo Patterns Out There.

Smythson Burlington Card and Passport Holder Oxblood Camouflage

A couple of years ago camouflage patterns became a thing, and most of the high-end leather goods manufacturers decided to jump on the bandwagon, some sooner rather than later. While it took Smythson of Bond Street a little longer than most, the Oxblood Camouflage Burlington Cardholder and Passport Holder are must have if you like camo leather goods. Since we’ve talked about Smythson a few times here at WCL, we don’t need to tell you much about their history but instead, focus on the cardholder and passport holder we have here.

Sold separately and also available in blue, these two objects of desire are gorgeous and made in ultra-supple deerskin that has been handpainted in a grey and oxblood red camouflage pattern that is as sexy as it gets and very unisex. Featuring the traditional silver embossed Smythson of Bond Street logo and the blue accent stitching, the interior of both items is in black. While the cardholder has two slots on each side and a central pocket, the passport holder can take a passport on one flap and documents such as a boarding pass on the other flap.

The Smythson Oxblood Camouflage Burlington items look the best when paired with any watch featuring a grey or dark grey color on its bezel or dial. Perfect leather goods that you won’t see everyone carrying around as Smythson remains quite exclusive and not necessarily mainstream. Eventually, you'll see them around, but here at WCL you saw them first.

Sticker Price $180 USD for either. For more info on Smythson click here.