Experience: Shanghai Tang Jade Dragon. Awakening Olfactory Travel Memories Alongside a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time.

Wearing a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time calls for exploration and world discoveries. We still remember like if it was yesterday the day we walked into the Shanghai Tang boutique in Kowloon during a hot and humid day in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, the name Shanghai Tang is no stranger to you. Inspired by the Chinese cultural icons of the 1930s Bund, a glamorous time when Hong Kong was famous for its architecture, fashion, music and commercial activities, Shanghai Tang first opened in the iconic Pedder Building in Hong Kong as a unique concept store for customers looking for authentic Chinese products and bespoke tailoring.

The name Shanghai Tang is a play on words that takes the English transcription of the Shanghai Bund — Shanghai Tan— and humorously connects the sound of the words with the name of the founder, Sir David Tang. From its beginnings, the brand boldly embraced the concept of Made by Chinese, presenting itself on the world stage as the first to introduce authentic Chinese luxury to global customers and showcase a vision of a holistic, Chinese inspired, lifestyle.

If you are visiting Hong Kong, a stop by the Shanghai Tang Mansion at 1 Duddell Street in Hong Kong Central or by 1881 Heritage —where the iconic Kowloon flagship in the Heritage Hong Kong Police Marine Quarter is located— are a must. Released in 2015, the Shanghai Tang Jade Dragon fragance brings a fresh citrusy scent that blends in with those humid summer nights in Kowloon or the big island.

A fresh scent inspired by the natural beauty of Yunnan's spectacular landscape, Jade Dragon blends elemi, basil, vetiver, grapefruit, kumquat, amber, cedar wood and musk in a delicious concoction relatively similar in notes to Hermès Eau de Pamplemousse Rose and Hermès Eau D’Orange Verte if they were to be blend into one fragrance.

Its unique character is defined by Jade, the Chinese element of virtue, peace and serenity. Its green bottle is captivating as much as its smell and a perfect summer fragrance for those looking for exclusive unpopular scents.

If you like to explore the world and travel overseas, always buy a new fragrance that will perpetuate your trip. At the end of the day, olfactory memory is one of the most powerful ways to bring to life the most vivid memories and emotions. Nothing like the long lasting memories from a special trip to Asia. Even better when accompanied by the king of travels, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time.

Sticker Price $100 USD. For more info on Shanghai Tang click here.