Experience: The House of Creed Aventus Cologne. Shades of Gray to Break the Rules.

The latest and greatest from The House of Creed since the launch of Viking in 2017 is the new Aventus Cologne. Despite this new fragrance could be considered by many purists as sacrilege, Creed went ahead and broke the rules just like Audemars Piguet did with the Royal Oak and launched this incredible scent after the huge success of Viking almost two years later. With its bottle dressed in gray, many would wonder why gray? Well, simply because the original Aventus for man is black and the Aventus for women is white. Therefore, this perfect combination with a universal scent that appeals to both men and women had to come in a bottle that blended the colors of the two original fragrances. The new Aventus Cologne is considered to be the first unisex fragrance to break the rules by The House of Creed.

The House of Creed is the oldest perfumer in the world, established in London in 1760 by James Henry Creed. A supplier to the English Court with custom tailored clothing, scented leather gloves and commissioned fragrances, The House of Creed was a favorite to the Royal Court of England.

Just like Audemars Piguet, The House of Creed is still in the hands of the same family that founded it more than two centuries ago. Today, Olivier Creed —much like Olivier Audemars when it comes to AP—, sixth generation and current Master Perfumer of The House of Creed is still selecting flowers, woods, spices, infusions, ingredients and citrus fruits to be used in their fragrances. With a method of maceration and homemade filtration, Creed fragrances are still made following the same standards this House has used for over 250 years.

Even though Aventus is the best selling scent when it comes to Creed, the new House of Creed Aventus Cologne is fresher and bolder and geared up to perhaps become another best seller for the brand. With its unique scent profile this is a fragrance that works well on men and women but without smelling the same way on either gender.

Aventus Cologne is a new universal legend that perfectly complements its counterparts while providing an expressive and unconventional fresh olfactory experience entirely of its own. Aventus Cologne bottles the defining moments of individuality and one’s journey to own it. A woody but fresh fragrance at the same time, Aventus Cologne features notes of ginger, mandarin, baie rose, patchouli, Indian sandalwood, vetiver, styrax, birch, musk and tonka bean. With mandarin, sandalwood and vetiver as the most noticeable ones, this fragrance plays well all day.

The new House of Creed Aventus Cologne is a fragrance with much stronger character than the original Aventus and with incredible notes that are meant to last through the whole day. Expressive and unconventional very much like a Royal Oak, each Creed scent is created through Creed’s unique infusion process where all ingredients are weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered all by hand in the highest tradition, very much just like the art of fine hand watchmaking.

Sticker Price $435 USD —Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15400 not included. For more info on The House of Creed click here.